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by Thomas (forever__more)
at January 17th, 2007 (02:51 am)

Would someone like to take over this community and help it grow, or at least be active? I have too much on my plate to be thinking a lot about Greek at the moment, although I still love it :-)

Vocabulary: School
by Thomas (forever__more)
at January 14th, 2006 (08:30 am)

English Ελληνικά Italiano
to study σπουδάζω studiare
to learn μαθαίνω imparare
school σχολείο scuola
university πανεπιστήμιο università
high school γυμνάσιο scuola superiore, liceo
elementary school δημοτικό scuola elementare
book βιβλίο libro
class τάξη classe
question ερώτηση domanda
pencil μολύβι matita
pen πέννα penna
student φοιτητής, φοιτήτρια studente
teacher δάσκαλος, δασκάλα insegnante
office γραφείο ufficio
opinion γνώμη opinione
professor καθηγητής, καθηγήτρια professore, professoressa
program πρόγραμμα programma
grade βαθμός voto

*I have discontinued placing the definate article before the Greek vocabulary words because the endings that demonstrate their gender should be apparent by now. Masculine words end in: ας, ης, ος; feminine words: η, α; neuter words: ο, ι, μα.

Accusative Pronouns
by Thomas (forever__more)
at January 10th, 2006 (11:52 am)

English Ελληνικά Italiano
me με, εμένα mi
you σε, εσένα ti
him τον, αυτόν lo
her την, αυτήν la
us μας, εμάς ci
you σας, εσάς vi
them τους, τις, τα la, le

*The first form given is the unemphatic, the second the emphatic. As the name suggests, the emphatic form is used to express a greater emphasis and occurs much less frequently than the unemphatic form. Ex.: "Πως σε λένε; Ποιός, εμένα;" -- "What is your name? Who, me?"

*The emphatic forms for him, her, and them also translate as "this" and "these"

Vocabulary: People
by Thomas (forever__more)
at December 31st, 2005 (03:56 am)

English Ελληνικά Italiano
man ο άντρας l'uomo
woman η γυναίκα la donna
boy το αγόρι il ragazzo
girl το κορίτσι la ragazza
friend ο φιλός, η φίλη l'amico, l'amica
baby το μωρό il neonato
person ο ανθρώπος la persona
son ο γιός il figlio
daughter η κόρη la figlia
child το παιδί il bambino
mother η μητέρα la madre
father ο πατέρας il padre
foreigner ο ξένος, η ξένη lo straniero
citizen ο πολίτης il cittadino
spouse ο σύζυγος lo sposo

Accusative Case Table
by Thomas (forever__more)
at December 31st, 2005 (02:58 am)

Masculine Feminine Neuter
ο άντρας -- τον άντρα η φωνή -- την φωνή το μάθημα -- το μάθημα
οι άντρες -- τους άντρους οι φωνές -- τις φωνές τα μαθήματα -- τα μαθήματα

Vocabulary: The Body
by Thomas (forever__more)
at December 27th, 2005 (11:33 am)

English Ελληνικά Italiano
body το σώμα il corpo
head το κεφάλι la testa
hair τα μαλλιά i cappelli
ears τα αυτιά gli orecchi
mouth το στόμα la bocca
lips τα χείλη le labbre
eyes τα μάτια gli occhi
foot, leg το πόδι il piede, la gamba
arm, hand το χέρι la mano, il braccio
finger το δάχτυλο il dito
face το πρόσωπο la faccia
nose η μύτη il naso
chest το στήθος il torace
shoulder ο ώμος la spalla

Genitive Case Table
by Thomas (forever__more)
at December 27th, 2005 (08:25 am)

Masculine Feminine Neuter
ο ανθρώπος -- του ανθρώπου η άνοιξη -- της άνοιξης το παιδί -- του παιδιού
οι ανθρώποι -- των ανθρώπων οι άνοιξες -- των άνοιξων τα παιδιά -- των παιδιών

*An exception occurs for the declension of singular neuter nouns ending in "μα": το στόμα -- του στόματος

*For masculine nouns ending in “ης” and “ας” the declension is: ο φοιτητής -- του φοιτητή (removal of the final s)

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